AnimalTalk's podcast (general)

Guest:  John Cruden, US Department of Justice, Environment & Natural
Resources Div.
Topic:  Market in USA for Illegal/Poached Ivory; President Obama’s
National Strategy for Combatting Wildlife Trafficking; Efforts to
Reduce Demand for Ivory in USA

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Guests:  Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society’s Hannah Padilla,
Director of Behavior & Training and Ben Swan, Public Information
Topic:  Rehabilitation Program for Dogs at Santa Fe Shelter

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Guest:  Judge Rosemary Cosgrove-Aguilar
Topic:  Animal Abuse Court in Bernalillo County; Rehabilitation of
Misdemeanor Offenders

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Guest:  Peter LaFontaine, International Fund for Animal Welfare
Topic:  Elephants Losing Their Lives to Supply Illegal Ivory Market;
Efforts to Reduce Demand in USA

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Guest: FBI, Stephen Fischer, Chief, Criminal Justice Information Services
Topic: FBI tracking of animal cruelty crimes; role of state and local
law enforcement in identifying and reporting animal cruelty crimes.

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Equus Film Festival; Films included in this year’s line-up;
Horse/Human Bond; Horses in human history; Vulnerability of horses as
commodity of horse slaughter industry

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Thundering Hooves educational event/Santa Fe NM; Documentary in
the making, "Their Last Ride"; vulnerability of horses to kill-buyers;
horses as commodity of horsemeat industry

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Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act of 2015, bipartisan legislation
to help the estimated one-third of domestic violence victims who delay
leaving abusive relationships out of concern for the wellbeing of
their pets

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Topic: Humane certification of cosmetics; cosmetics companies testing
on animals to access Chinese market; testing procedures; euthanasia
methods of animals after testing

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Guest: Alley Cat Allies, Misty Christo, Staff Attorney; Rebekah
DeHaven, Staff Attorney and Director of Humane Law and Policy
Topic: Understanding feral cats; comparing effectiveness and humaness
of traditional methods of population control versus modern
"trap-neuter-return" approach; update on Texas license revocation case
involving killing of cat by Kristen Lindsay, DVM

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