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Air Date:  May 12, 2017 
Guest: Representative Carl Trujillo, Santa Fe
Topic: HB123, a Bill to Fund Low-Cost Spay/Neuter in New Mexico

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Guest: Natalie Owings, Founder and Director, Heart & Soul Sanctuary
Topic: A Look at the Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary in New Mexico

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Guests: Senator Mimi Stewart and Michael Dax, Defenders of Wildlife
Topic: Wildlife Trafficking in New Mexico and Senate Bill 81

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Guests: Jessica Johnson, Chief Legislative Officer, Animal Protection of New Mexico and Animal Protection Voters of New Mexico  


Topic: Overview of 2017 Legislation

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Guest:  Rep. Carl Trujillo, Santa Fe
Topic:  House Bill 123 to Create and Fund Low-Cost Spay Neuter Program in New Mexico

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Guest:  Dan Flores, Author, “Coyote America”
Topic:  History of Human/Coyote Relationship; Present Day Coyote Extermination Policies and Practices

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Guest:  Rep. Daymon Ely, Bernalillo & Sandoval Counties
Topic:  HB210 to Clarify and Strengthen New Mexico’s Animal Cruelty Statute

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