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Dr. Simon Brockington, Executive Secretary of the International Whaling Commission, discusses International Whaling Commission origins and present day consensus-making process

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Patrick Ramage, Whale Program Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare discusses moratorium on commercial whaling; International Whaling Commission; impact of International Court of Justice March 2014 ruling against Japan’s program of scientific whaling; consensus-making process in the IWC.

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Anne Baker discusses two decades of experience as a foster to needy animals from the Espanola Valley Humane Society shelter; the healing process for animals; support fosters receive from the ESHS; the joy of fostering

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Chris Heyde, Deputy Director of Government and Legal Affairs of the Animal Welfare Institute, discusses the Safeguard American Food Exports Act 2015; horse slaughter process; exports of horses to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada; alternatives that provide care for unwanted or abandoned horses.

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Dr. Kelli Heckman, Executive Director of the Global Federation of Sanctuaries, discusses GFAS certification standards for animal sanctuaries; lack of regulation of sanctuaries in the United States; origins of wildlife in sanctuary.

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